We don't need no steenking lights...

December 4, 2007

I find it typical (but certainly not surprising) that every athletic field and facility at Centennial Park in Santa Ana has amazing stadium lighting, except the skatepark, which, by 5 pm or so at this time of year, is pitch black. Didn't stop this local dude from ripping though. That second trick is a double flip and it was really dark in there. I actually tried to brighten the footage when I edited it and it looks like total shit. You'll notice me enviously panning the camera to all the perfectly well lit football and soccer fields afterwards...

On a positive note, if you are into street skating, this park is really good compared to anything I've skated out here in "the OC."

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Andrew Reynolds: X Games '06

December 3, 2007

Andrew Reynolds seriously killed it at X Games '06. This and Koston's footy are probably my favorites.

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Ryan Sheckler: X Games '06: Pyramid/Euro gap/ledges

December 3, 2007

Lemme Just get all this Ryan Sheckler video out of the way in one shot. Here's him during the hip/Euro gap jam, then some more of him during the ledge-type jammy.

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Snow, Guidos, and Allergies: Thanksgiving in NJ...

December 2, 2007

A pretty rad urinal. As if guys don't think about fellatio enough as it is, right?

Hmmm, why is Tim waving this 20 in front of his lady?

Wow, fake tits! Just like back in Orange County!

Mary is pretty much responsible for Missbehave. She rules.

So I went to a New Jersey Guido fist pumping bar with my friends and this guy got psyched was doing push ups on the dance floor.

When my plane landed in NJ. This is what I saw. I hate snow.

Awww. Skateboarding and the Fall. Two of my favorite things.

This is me being totally sensitive and artsy with my new macro lens.

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Eric Koston: X Games '06

November 30, 2007

Decided to bless you all with this one for the weekend. Eric Koston from X Games '06. Can't beat that BSNBS, can ya?

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Nyjah Huston X Games '06

November 29, 2007

Here's Nyjah Huston from X Games' 06.

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Ryan Sheckler X Games '06: Big 4

November 29, 2007

Love him or love to hate on him, it seems no one can get enough Ryan Sheckler. Here's him ripping the big four from X Games' 06, with a bonus emo Chris Cole moment at the end. Wait 'til you see Cole's footy, by the way... coming soon.

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Arto Saari: X Games '06

November 28, 2007

Here's a little Arto Saari from X Games' 06.

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Ryan Sheckler: X Games '06 Qualifiers

November 28, 2007

For all you Ryan Sheckler maniacs out there. Check out his qualifying run from X Games' 06. More SheX Games to come soon, as I spent o ton of time filming him for etnies that year.

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Herman & Dollin: X Games '06

November 26, 2007

Here's Bryan Herman and Dustin Dollin from X Games' 06. Check that switch fs heel!

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