Leeper feeds the squirrels a soy latte!

May 8, 2008

Had to interview Leeper yesterday. Then some squirrels joined us for a warm beverage by the beach. Then he pondered going to film some stuff...

"Hey Kyle, are you still having bushing drama?"

Yeah. What the hell!?

My view from the urinal at Hensley's. Classy.

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April 22, 2008

"Oh my bad, I was trying to skate at the skatepark."

-Mike York: The Hot Chocolate Tour

Ya, this really happened at the Hoboken, NJ skatepark about a week ago. And people wonder why skateboarders are so fucking pissed off half the time.

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NJ douchebaggery!

April 22, 2008

Wow, people have been sending me hate mail that I haven't updated in a while. Talk about flattering! I've been on the road. Barcelona, NJ, and Arizona. etnies tours, family tragedies, etc. etc...

Anyway, whilst in NJ I had the chance to chill at a total guido Gotti bar. I recommend everyone try it one night if you ever visit the Garden State.

So I filmed some evidence that the 2007 RobBrink.com douchebag awards are still relevant here in April '08. Along with some dudes who really dig Michael Jackson.

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Tampa Am '08 Montage

January 29, 2008

I mostly shot photos... so they are coming soon. This is all you get from Tampa Am '08 on the video front. Featuring Chris Gregson, Taylor Smith, Chazz Ortiz and Theotis Beasley.

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Gregson got 6th!

January 22, 2008

Yeah, RobBrink.com team founder Chris Gregson got 6th place at Tampa Am. That's rad. Then he came to my room and we all farted.

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Tampa Am '08: What second place looks like...

January 21, 2008

I liked Ben Hatchell...

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So I went on a surf trip to Hawaii...

December 26, 2007

So I went to Hawaii with the etnies surf team to do some website stuff, catalog stuff, whatever stuff. etnies hosted a party for Jamie O'Brien's signature sandal and Ima Robot played. Then Don Brown and CJ Kanuha hit the umbrella beer bong dude!

I dunno. Lots happened. So many random skaters were in town. Stefan Janoski, Elissa Steamer, Omar Hassan, John Cardiel, Chris Haslam, Paul Machnau, etc., etc. Who cares about details? Photos are better, right? So ya, here's me chilling with pro surfers and shit.

Always dope to have some human shooting photos of you while you're licking your asshole, right?

Elissa Steamer gets some ass!

Hawaii is gangsta!

Skatepark puppy.

This is Dustin's janky hotel room video setup.

This is Alex Ebert. The Ima Robot singer dude with his lady, prior to the show.

This is Alex Ebert during the show.

"Tony" from Life of Ryan jumped off the balcony into the crowd. Then got kicked out.

This is the CobraSnake dude at work. I saw his girl's nipples when she dove into the hotel pool and her top fell off. I was stoked.

This is a post-show artsy guitar shot.

The Hellcaminos!

The guitar player from Ima Robot got Hawaii fever and rocked this afterparty getup.

As usual, Don Brown got drunk at the after party. See video above.

Then Stefan Janoski popped up! WTF? He was on vacation.

This was our view from the hotel room.

This is most likely the only time you'll see me with a longboard of any sort.

This is some tourist protecting himself from the rain. He didn't feel like coming under the roof.

This is Jamie O'Brien's dog.

This is Jamie O'Brien's yard junk.

Ford Archbold.

CJ Kanuha!

More CJ Kanuha!

Eric Geiselman is a pro surfer and skates tranny better than me.


Evidently, Mason Ho is like Hawaiian surf royalty. I liked him 'cuz he smiled a lot.

Ryan Carlson sitting on a skateboard.

Brett Simpson basically nailed it by getting totally shitfaced one night and being the funniest dude ever.

More art! This time, rainbows!

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Fully Fletched! A day with Eric...

December 17, 2007

In the wake of Fully Flared, Eric Fletcher rocked a few tribute tricks last week. For example, the "all-the-rage" smith to kickflip out, and this total kickflip grind super combo to revert.

So over it...

When all else fails, flip your board off.

Second board of the day... first one got focused and this one ended up in the drink.

Two gnarly slams. Hyper extended elbows. Two ruined setups. No real footage. Still smiling. Gotta love it.

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Chris Cole: X Games '06: Big 4

December 5, 2007

Here's the second part of Chris Cole destroying X Games '06.

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Chris Cole: X Games '06: part 1

December 4, 2007

Chris Cole won X Games '06. More of him to come in a bit...

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