Let's keep this Fletcher thing going...

November 4, 2009

I didn't know this was happening while doing the Fletcher blitz last week, but coincidentally, he just had this little part come out... and from the looks of some of the etnies he was wearing, I can easily confirm that some of the footage is over three and four years old while other stuff is pretty recent. Fuck yeah, Fletch!

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Toy Machine Helloween!

October 31, 2009

leo romero toy machine rob brink
There was a manny pad in Leo's way. So he backside flipped it.

leo romero toy machine rob brink
Leo... avoiding the manual pad again.

collin provist toy machine rob brink
Guess who the new Toy rider is!

billy marks ed templeton toy machine rob brink
Billy violates the Tempster.

phelps toy machine rob brink
Phelps was there!

josh harmony toy machine rob brink
Harmony was a penguin.

austin stephens toy machine rob brink
Austin was an owl.

toy machine rob brink
I think this kid won the costume contest.

toy machine rob brink
This kid didn't.

toy machine rob brink

ed templeton toy machine rob brink
Captain of the Machine.

nick merlino toy machine rob brink
Nick Merlino. Frontside flip.

johnny layton toy machine rob brink
Planet of the Laypes. Johnny ollies the gap and an owl while an old lady in PJs and Phelps gawk.

austin stephens toy machine rob brink
Austin. Gap to tail.

ed templeton toy machine rob brink
I love Ed, but there's something really funny about this gap to noseblunt slam while wearing green onesie pajamas, with "Phelps" cheering him on and Leo tailgating. It's the chaos that is Toy Machine.

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Strange World...

October 30, 2009

In an attempt to avoid the seemingly popular "I'll snarkily rant about a new skate video ad nauseum on my blog" thing that's been all the rage lately... I'll just say that Marisa ripped and Garrett Hill has come a long way. Can't wait to see his part again. Oh... and here's a warehouse video part worth noting before you see Strange World...

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Hug the nearest hipster...

October 26, 2009

rob brink morrissey

It's a day of mourning for them... And if they actually have lenses in their glasses, maybe you could take those off and wipe the tears dry for them too.

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Flat boobs...

October 26, 2009

rob brin kdamn am flat boobs

This was meant to go in the Damn Am "coverage," but I blew it... I hope it doesn't become a trend with the ladies. I, myself, prefer round boobs. Not that you asked.

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Damn Am '09

October 25, 2009

rob brink damn am oklahomie
Oklahomie gap to 5-0.

rob brink damn am costumes
Lazy costume.

rob brink damn am cute shoes
Cute shoes.

rob brink damn am cute girl art
Cute girl. In black and white... for art's sake.

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rob brin kdamn am luan olivera
Luan has a large kickflip.

rob brin damn am dylan perry
Dylan got bloody.

course barge damn am rob brink
This guy barged the course... hammered. It was awesome.

course barge damn am rob brink
But not before he took another drink.

course barge damn am rob brink
"ALVAAAAAAAA for liiiiiiifffffeeeee!"

course barge damn am rob brink brian schaefer
Schaefer had to regulate... in full costume.

course barge damn am rob brink brian schaefer
"Not so fast, buddy!"

course barge damn am rob brink brian schaefer
"Go back where you came from!"

course barge damn am rob brink
Dude from Black Label had to get pushy...

course barge damn am rob brink
"What happened?"

Derek Elmendorf rob brink damn am
Derek Elmendorf sports the "Man G." Why isn't this dude called "Deathwish" anymore?

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An Alien Workshop moment...

October 19, 2009

Almost stepped on this dude on the way out of a spot today. He was big.

rob brink praying mantis

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I like skate tours because...

October 12, 2009

... You'll walk into a room on any given morning and see someone like Danny Garcia doing bizarre headstands for no apparent reason.

rob brink danny garcia headstandrob brink danny garcia headstand
Double angle!

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On another éS tour...

October 9, 2009

Love this crew...

bobby worrest rob brink

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The Showdown...

September 29, 2009

brian anderson rob brink downtown showdown

Really, all that mattered on Saturday at the Downtown Showdown was Leo Romero. But he was skating too fast for me to shoot... so you get some Big BA BSTS steez instead. Not too shabby.

Editor's side note: if Busenitz was there he would have absolutely destroyed the China Girl Banks.

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