Joe Brook

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Joe Brook By Joe Brook and éS Footwear
Words: Robert Brink
SBC, Fall 2011

To celebrate the release of the éS / Joe Brook Square 2 colorway, a new photo book, showcasing the many years of éS and Brook’s friendship and work together, has been pressed.

There’s not a lot to say that Mark Whiteley didn’t handle in his introduction to the book, however, something needs to coax you to actually go get it so you can read that Whiteley intro, so here it goes:
Limited in quantity, but certainly worth the quest to acquire, “Joe Brook” is a collection of photos that, almost more than any other collection of skateboarding photos to date, accurately represents life on the road as part of a skateboard trip and life on the streets as a skateboarder—raw, unpolished, grimy, frustrating, beautiful, scary, bewildering, liberating and fun.

If you’ve been there, then you know. One look at any of these photos brings you right back. Whether it’s a dead bird similar to one you’ve ollied over while cursing the streets, or the random pedestrians who ask to try your board or inquire about how high you can ollie.

It could be a sideline view of a trick about to be landed, the collaborative tour van stench of cigarettes, beer, weed, musty carpet, street grime, sweat, dudes and body odor or the over-it-ness of your homie who’s sitting on the ground having a smoke next to his focused board after he didn’t get his trick. Regardless of the visual, Brook’s images effortlessly and unpretentiously capture the essence of it all.
Color, black and white. Portraits, action. Nature, city. Bangers, dorkin’. Life, death. Rain, shine. War, peace. Shoes, Joe Brook, skateboarding. Yeah, that’s what this book is all about—skateboarding.


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