Already Been Done Presents: Ricky Webb

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Already Been Done Presents: Ricky Webb
Words: Robert Brink

Already Been Done, August 2010

What are you up to, Ricky?
I’m at Starbucks. Just got some tea.

What kind of tea?
Orange chai something? I don’t know. I forgot.

I don’t drink coffee, only tea. So now I instantly like you.
I just wanted to come over here and get on the Internet because I don’t have it at my house.

Speaking of the Internet, your Facebook page lists your occupation as “private investor … ”
My homey’s trying to make some t-shirts and wheels and stuff so I’m gonna help him. It’s called “Take That.”

I saw the video part you did for them—pretty sick. So you loaned him some money?

You're a good friend. I noticed you’re way more popular on Facebook than Twitter.
I think I like Facebook more. I communicate more on Facebook. I don’t really communicate that much on Twitter.

Twitter is annoying.
Yeah. I’m about to delete my account.

What about all 500 of your followers? They might suffer without you.
They’ll have to follow somebody else.

You lived in a house that got foreclosed?
Yeah. It was a big skate house in downtown Long Beach. I guess our landlord wasn’t paying the mortgage. He didn’t even tell us about any of that. Then one of the housing people came by and was like, “Yeah, your landlord hasn’t been paying the mortgage so this house is about to be sold to the bank.”

And we were just like, “Damn.”

We got three months free rent until we had to be out, though. It was tight! But I miss it. It was cool with just a bunch of homies living there. Now I’m living with my parents at the moment.

I just saw the video you’re in.
Oh man.

I liked when Will is a black sperm.
Yeah and he comes out as a baby.

Trippy, dude.
It was a cool video concept. I already knew they were gonna put his face over mine but I didn’t know it was gonna look like that. But I don’t know about that song. It’s crazy.

Then you slam doing a fakie manual on flat.
Oh yeah, I was falling on purpose. It came out sick though.

I heard you’re really into Auto-Tune music.
I’m not even sure what Auto-Tune is.

It’s the crappy robot voice in all the rap and dance songs nowadays.
Oh really? I didn’t even know that, but I’m not really into it.

How’d you get the nickname "Pretty Ricky?"
I have no clue. I think Paul Sharpe gave me that name. I was out at Phoenix Am in ‘08 and they suddenly announced me as “Pretty Ricky” before my runs. Once that happened they just started calling me “Pretty Ricky” all the time. It just stuck. I hate that name and they know it.

It’s usually never good when you get a nickname.
Yeah, I don’t like nicknames.

If you had to give yourself a nickname, what would it be?
Probably just Rick.

Can you tell the readers how to ball out on a budget?
Ball on a budget? Okay … first, if you don’t got an EBT card, go down to the county office, get one of those and stack up on some groceries. Make your own food and save you some money, rather than going out for fast food.

Also, just try to come up on beer from the homies. Get fucked up before you go out for sure.

Pre-gaming is cheaper.
Way cheaper. A lot of people can’t afford $15 drinks at the bar. I suggest you buy your own shit at the store.

You know how people get drunk and open up a bit? Like, I’m super scared to be on a dance floor at a club, but when I get hammered I start dancing and I look horrible.
I get more talkative with girls. I’m not shy or nothing, but once I have some drinks, I feel like I got more game with the ladies. I feel more smooth with it. I know a lot of people get more amped, but I just get more calm I think.

Why do you always go for white girls?
I’m not trying to just go for white girls, but I’m down for ‘em. I just think they’re more fun. I’m down for whatever. As long as they look good and are cool.

Jart is your first official board sponsor, right? You were a flow guy for a while before that?
Yeah, I was on Almost flow for about three years and nothing was really happening with that, so Jart was a good opportunity for me.

What’s it like nowadays being an am and trying to fully make a job out of skateboarding?
It’s really hard. I think it’s mostly about connects—the people you’re involved with. You need the skills too, but I think it’s just more about who you know. Just like with anything—like trying to get a good job or trying to make it in music, anything—you just gotta have that connect.

I just try to stay more focused on the skating rather than being in people’s faces too much. Sometimes I wanna just call my friends and skate. But when you start getting a little money, you gotta make sure you’re producing as much footage and photos as you can.

rob brink ricky webb
Photo by Big Rob

Did you know you have to go redo your switch flip at Hollywood High now that we saw how many times Andrew Reynolds landed his varial heel to avoid the gate?
[Laughs] I don’t know, man. I think I should probably just take it as is. I got beat up pretty bad before I landed it. That ground hurts. It’s really rough.

After the third try my heels really started hurting. They were taking a beating.

I actually got it pretty quick—like seven or eight tries. When I finally landed it, I was like, “Fuck this. I’m taking this one.” It was just a relief. I’ve thought about a few times, too, like, “I wish I didn’t run into the gate,” but the other tries took a lot out of me.

Was it more of a scary thing or just more difficult?
You know, my friend Derrick Wilson was skating it with me. He got the nollie heel that day. So it was cool to have somebody skate it with me. You’re just more amped, like, “Yeah, let’s get this shit!”

It was less worrying and being scared and more just cool to have a friend to skate it with me.

Your friend Dave Ashley told me you’re into the Boyz II Men look. Like fake glasses and cardigans?
Boyz II Men? Wow. That boy’s crazy. I’ve worn a cardigan before but never fake glasses. I’m about to bust someone up when I get over to The Armory. Talking hella shit.

He probably said that to me just to mess with you. Actually, a couple people told me your style reminds them of Jovontae Turner.
I’ve actually heard that before. I seen his part in Mouse. He’s dope.

You should look up his part in Love Child.
Love Child?

Yes. It’s an old World Industries video. His part is incredible.
I don’t think I’ve seen that. I’m gonna have to check it out. Is it on YouTube?

Yeah. He has a mean big flip in Questionable too.
Does he still skate?

I think he’s into fixies. I don’t know much about him, other than that I wish he didn’t retire from skateboarding.
Yeah, I wish everybody would just keep skating.

What else are you working on these days?
Trying to collect some HD footage because Bones is coming out with an am video.

Oh sick. You love the word “swag,” huh?
Oh yeah. Me and my homies always fuck around with it. We’ll be like, “swag, swag, swag” all the time. We just say “swag” to everything, but we don’t really say it seriously.

It’s funny how many people actually do say “swag” in a serious manner. If you look on Twitter or Facebook, everything’s swagged the fuck out.
I know. I just think it’s funny because everybody says it. If I’m getting off the phone with somebody, I’ll say, “swag” and I’ll be out.

Have you ever heard that Lil B Ellen DeGeneres song? They’re just like “swag, swag, swag, swag” every three seconds.
Swag, swag, swag! Yeah, Lil B is crazy, man. All his videos are super funny. You gotta check out “Suck My Dick, Ho.” He’s like, just straight up walking around the mall chilling and all he’s saying is, “Suck my dick, ho. Suck my dick, ho. Swag, swag, swag.”

I’m so checking that out right now.
Yeah, it’s some super ignorant shit.

Get back to your Internet and tea.