10 things you need to know about Stay Gold

August 18, 2010 | Skip To The Comments (6)

emerica stay gold rob brink

1. Slaughtered picnic tables.
2. Brilliant bookends.
3. Full pads.
4. Finally!
5. Going up.
6. Don't actually watch the video, just Tweet about it.
7. Westgate's push & Andrew's landings.
8. I have a Leo interview from the week he quit Baker that no one's ever read.
9. Slams.
10. You will be impressed.


  1. Funny stuff, I was there at the premier... I know what you're talking about! haha

  2. post that leo interview.

  3. Yes. Emerica Premier in Des Moines Iowa was epic. I need to reiiterate number 7. Reynolds landings. Living legend, this part is not only his best part ever, but the best part ever filmed. Period.

    Team Recap
    FS Flips, Hardflips, Nollie Inward Heels, Crooks up a rail. Insane. hammers

    Bryan Glanz
  4. emerica is my fav. shoes,,

  5. emerica is my fav. shoes,,

  6. welcome to hammer city, california


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