Festivus: Pro-Tec Pool Party 2010

August 3, 2010 | Skip To The Comments (1)

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Pro-Tec Pool Party 2009
Words: Rob Brink
The Skateboard Mag, September 2010

You know how sometimes you listen to a song that you’ve liked for years but for some reason, on that given day it sounds and feels better than ever and you play it for hours?

You know that feeling of excitement leading up to something you’ve been counting down the days for? Whether it’s a holiday weekend or a night with friends, you simply can’t wait for it to get underway as you head out the door.

You know what its like to get all cheery inside when you look at photos of old friends, family and good times and wish you had it all back?

You know that semi-orgasmic release caused by punching a wall or screaming or beating the piss out of your skateboard when you can’t land a trick?

You know that feeling of being in a plane and the gnarly turbulence begins and you clench the armrests and seriously think you’re going to die but then it all smoothes out and the adrenaline and fear leaves you feeling like you’ve been electrocuted?

You know that thing that causes you to involuntarily jump out of your seat when your favorite team or player scores the winning goal with only seconds on the clock?

You know that feeling when the lights go on at a concert or club and you were having such an amazing time that you don’t want it to be the end of the night?

Well combine all that, multiplied by thousand or so people feeling the same way, in one big warehouse with a Combi pool and the entire living legacy of pool skateboarding gettin’ buck because they waited for this moment all year—and you have what’s known as the Pro Tec Pool Party.

What you need to know is that Cab, dressed in all yellow and completely on fire, dethroned five-time Pool Party champ, Chris Miller, who is still ripping as hard as ever. Bucky Lasek repeated his win combining old, new and everything in between. Dude is real good. Jeff Grosso was in the zone all day, culminating in a record-breaking, face-melting 28-block boardslide.

Ben Raybourn went padless and apeshit. Lincoln went high. Duane Peters went to hell and back and stayed on his board the entire time. Red went out of the bowl and into the crowd. Alex Perelson went silent but deadly, Rune went smooth, Pedro Barros, Nolan Monroe and Josh Rodriguez went young and restless. Fuck man, we aren’t leaving any names out for any reason than it would take all week to recount how insane this day was. Lance Mountain, Omar Hassan, Lester Kasai, Dave Duncan … the list of epicness goes on and on.

The phrase “you had to be there” rings more true for the Pool Party than any event in modern day skateboarding. You haven’t been there yet? And call yourself a skateboarder? Pathetic. If someone were to put together an edit comprised simply of spectator reactions during the day and show it to you, with no skating at all, you’d be begging to get to this thing. Do what it takes to witness the Pool Party at some point in your life and prepare to be annihilated in the best way possible.