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April 20, 2010 | Skip To The Comments (2)

diane sawyer interview hyman rickover

"60 Minutes" Interview by Diane Sawyer

He's the Navy's most famous and most cantankerous admiral. Hyman George Rickover, the father of the nuclear submarine, was censored last month for accepting gifts from a naval contractor, General Dynamics, over a 16-year period. The gifts totaled more than $67,000 but it seems that the company was wasting its money. Before he retired, Rickover declared war on General Dynamics. He accused them of trying to cheat the government. When we first broadcast this interview, the investigation of the admiral and the gifts had just begun, but the 84-year-old Rickover was undaunted. He was much the same as he had been in 1957, the last time he submitted himself to an unrestricted personal interview - combative, challenging, deliberately provocative.

No, I never have thought I was smart. I thought the people I dealt with were as dumb, were dumb, including you.


  1. that was briliiant. if there were people like him this country would be a better place. straight up not giving a fuck honesty. thanks for posting that.

  2. Right on dude! The whole gift thing was a frame-up to get back at him for opposing the graft going to General Dynamics.

    Rickover was one of the last guys in public service who told it like it was - no bullshit, no lying.

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