Daryl Angel

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Thanks for the photo, Evs!

Daryl Angel
Words: Rob Brink
April 2009

About a year and a half ago, some people at The Berrics and I had an idea for me to do monthly "Clinical Research" interviews for their site. Well, sometimes people get busy, ideas change and things fall to the wayside. And that's exactly what happened. Not one to waste a good interview, I figured I might as well post it. So here's a Daryl Angel interview that was intended for The Berrics the week he got the boot from Skate Mental and got on Habitat. An unseen Peter Smolik interview is to follow...

Daryl! What’s up?
I just found out Michael Jackson died.

And Farah Fawcett…
Really? Both in the same day? What the hell? Everybody is dying. I’m so bummed, dude.

Were you a Michael Jackson fan?
Nah. Have you seen the Nike video yet?

Just downloaded it and only saw your part so far.
You liked it?

Hell yeah. You’re kinda hot right now.
I haven’t skated in a month. I rolled my ankle pretty bad.

Debacle, Nike ams "United Nations," Slap web interview, Crailtap guest poster of the week, Skate Mental-to-Habitat gossip and now you’re the first Berrics interview I’m doing.
Really? That’s pretty cool. I guess I should feel honored.

Are you gonna go film a "Bangin’" to make up for your lack of skating in the Nike "United Nations?"
I should. It’s hard though. Everyone’s demolished that place.

Did you see the Biebel "Battle Commander?"
Yeah, it was like a full video part!

It’s amazing.
It’s so good right? I was trippin'.

Did you know that Matt Evs was gonna use all that little kid footy of you for the Tilt Mode: Bonus Round video?
I knew he had something up his sleeve ‘cause Am Chowder came out and a lot my footage went to that and he was like, “Alright where’s our footage?” I told him I didn’t have any and he was like “It’s cool. We’ll get you a part… you’ll see.” I’m like “What the fuck, dude? What are you gonna do?” I got pretty worried he was gonna put in some crazy footage of me doing something stupid. I mean, look at the enjoi ads.

One time he Photoshopped a photo of Jose blowing me.
What the fuck?

He put our faces on these gay porn stars, and he’s like, “I wanna jokingly kick Jose off enjoi the day after he turns pro. I’m gonna send this photo to the message boards as that’s the reason we’re kicking him off.” And I was like, “Dude, I think you’re kidding. But are you really kidding?”
He didn’t send it out right?

No. I’ll send you the photo. It’s so offensive.
He definitely knows how to offend people. I think he’s awesome.

Definitely awesome. Do you ever say “hecka” or are you more into “hella?”
I like saying “hella.”

I heard Cardiel say “hecka” in his Epicly Later'd and I was psyched. It was a new one for me.
It’s kinda like how on the East Coast people say “mad.” Like “That’s mad tight, yo!”

What’s your least favorite interview question?
That I’m an asshole or a prick or something like that.

I knew you weren’t a dick ‘cuz when I wrote you on Facebook asking you about this interview you remembered meeting me once before. You weren’t too cool to remember me.
I wasn’t like, “Yeah bro, who are you?”

So when everyone thinks you’re an asshole, what do you do to change that perception?
This isn’t really an excuse or anything, but I grew up with four brothers and I’m the youngest. I got fucking picked on all through my fucking childhood and I’m a defensive dude. To a certain extent I care what people think. I work on it. But I’ve been doing this thing where I trick people. You have to be super nice to them so that they’re like, “What the fuck?”

Who’s a bigger dick than you?
I think Jose is a bigger dick than me honestly.

But I love the guy. I’m not trying to throw him under the bus or anything.

I love him too. We hug a lot. Do you think since skateboarding is so much bigger and mainstream these days that part of the business side is knowing how not to be a dick and playing the game better?
It just seems that there’s so many dudes that fucking rip, you know? And you obviously have to have a good personality to get hooked up. If your personality is being a dick and everyone likes it, then just go with it.

Have you ever had anybody in skateboarding kinda mentor you when you were younger?
Actually, Evs told me… “When people land a trick… get psyched, dude. Clap for ‘em and give ‘em a high five or something.”

Good advice. So you’re at your moms right now?
Yeah. She lives down the street. I made her some food.

What did you cook?
I bought this marinated chicken form Trader Joe’s and made some broccoli, cauliflower and rice. With these Iranian cranberries in the rice. Pretty good.

Are you into cooking?
Yeah dude. After skating I’ll probably be in the kitchen in a wheelchair.

Get a Food Network show. “The Wheelchair Chef.”
“I used to be a skateboarder, but now I’m a professional cooker.”

jose rojo daryl angel rob brink

Do you have a girlfriend?

Who’s the hottest chick out right now?
My girlfriend is so hot, but I’m pretty psyched on that chick from Twilight.

I just saw her on trash TV. She was walking in some leather cat suit and ate shit on the street.
Oh my god. Like in LA somewhere?

When girls fall down walking or running, it’s funny.
Yeah, cause they’ve never fallen in their whole life.

It doesn’t look hot at all. It’s such a turnoff.
I don’t like her anymore.

If you could skate like anyone else for a day, who would it be?
Oh man, I hate that question. Probably Grant Taylor. He’s fucking gnarly, dude. He just looks so sick. I’ve never seen anybody skate fucking tranny that causal.

Especially how young he is.
He’s like 17 and I’m idolizing him.

I feel like that too. Around Tyler or Malto.
Dude, Tyler is insane. How’d he get so good?

I always knew he was good but I never really paid much attention. Then I went on a couple of etnies trips with him and I was blown away.
He was getting shoes from Nike for a little while but you guys stole him. You guys stole Davis too so we had to get Koston. Haha.

Yeah, dicks! Do you remember the most embarrassing day of your life?
Yeah. I was playing tee ball for the first time. I was probably 10 years old. I didn’t know anything about baseball really. So I hit the ball and I made a home run. I was running around the bases and everyone was like, “Run home! Run home!”

The park that I was playing in was a block away from my house. And everyone is screaming, “Run home! Run home!” So I’m like, “Run home? Alright.” So I just kept running. And they were like “What the fuck?” I ran all the way to my house.

Did you ever look back and see what people were doing?
I thought you hit the ball and they were supposed to chase you or something. My brother came after me and he was like, “What are you doing, dude?” He took me back and everyone was laughing at me.

Tell me something that bugs you about skateboarding right now.
There’s a lot of corny ads in skateboard magazines. Lights on your board and stuff.

Skateboarding is just getting pretty weird.
Yeah, it’s getting really weird.

So you’re Habitat official now?
When I was in China with them I was just asking Brennan Conroy if I could get a few boards and he was like “Shut up dude, you’re on the team!” And I was like, “I am?” I saw the first layout of my ad today so I think it’s pretty much official.

How did it all come about? Stefan?
I never really expected to get hit up by anybody because everyone thinks I’m a fucking jerk or whatever. I went to China on this Debacle am trip and Stefan came too. I was rooming with him and he goes… “Hey, you wanna ride for Habitat?” Like so randomly. I was like, “Are you serious?”

Plus, Stefan’s never serious.
Yeah, I thought he was joking. I sent a sponsor-me tape to Habitat a while back, after I quit Think. I got no feedback at all.

Pretty cool that it worked out. Danny is a friend of mine and I grew up with Tim. I have no choice but to be a Habitat fan...
In Jersey? You know Pancho?

Ya, he went to my high school for a year and then transferred to Tim’s school.
That’s sick! Pancho kinda hooked me up on Think.

He’s a good dude.
Have you ever seen that kid Tsim Fuckis on YouTube?

How crazy is that shit? Jose just showed me his videos yesterday.
We saw that and we were fucking dying. Like, “What the fuck is going on?”

He’s so severely deformed but crazy at the same time.
It’s like you wanna feel bad, but he’s so crazy and funny.

He seriously rules. So, outside of skateboarding, who inspires you?
I dunno, dude. All I fucking do is skate.

Some people will be like, “Bob Dylan.”
Yeah, I’m not really one of those dudes. You’re stumping me. The questions are getting harder.

I’m almost done. It could even be the chick from Twilight.
Fuck, I’ll hang out with her. Threesome! Nah, kidding.

Would your girl be down?

If your girlfriend knew that you’d spend only one or two hours with the Twilight chick and hook up, one time only…
I’ve already talked about this with her.

Would she let you?
No! I mean would you let your chick do it? If she was like “Oh I wanna fuck Brad Pitt so bad.”

If it was gonna be a one time thing…. I’m kinda into the idea of letting people have those experiences. Does that make me a pushover?
It’s the chance of a lifetime, bro! Nah, I don’t know if I’d be down for my girl doing it.

Who are your favorite skateboarders?
I like Jake Johnson’s video part. Once again, Grant fucking rips. Matt Beach rips. Theotis is a fucking cool ass dude.

Theo is the best! That dude is so ripping at being nice.
I think he was raised really proper. I’ve seen him get outta his shell a little. I’ll talk about boning chicks and he’ll be like “Ah yeah!”

Stefan. Guy Mariano. Gonz. I’m definitely into the newer generation of skaters. Who are you psyched on right now?

Tyler. Jake Johnson. Mike Anderson.
That guy is cool.

Hell yeah! Vincent Alvarez is exciting to watch.
Vince for sure.

Are there any tricks that you hate?
Nollie big spins. Everyone has one in their part.

Any tricks that you suck at?
Nollie 180 switch crooks. I can’t figure it out. I’ve done a couple in my lifetime and I just can’t get it. It does a nollie tailslide every time.

Get closer to the ledge before you pop.
I never actually tried that. I always come at an angle.

What kind of stuff are you looking forward to with Habitat?
Probably just having footage in one of their videos. They put out the sickest videos. And going on more trips with them. I had fun in China.

I think a lot of people, until very recently, didn’t know what you were all about. You’ve been around for a while but all I’ve ever seen was your iThink part and your Ty Evans part.
Yeah. A lot of people don’t really know too much about me. I’m a pretty awkward dude. It’s easy for me to talk on the phone like this, but if I was hanging out with you in person and didn’t have a couple beers, I’d be super quiet. But if I feel comfortable I definitely come outta my shell.

Well I think everyone’s figuring out what you’re about now. I thought that part in Debacle was so sick, man.
Appreciate it, dude! Jason and Joey hooked it up.

There were a couple tricks in that where I gave an out loud “Whoa!” I’ll send you a text when I remember what they were.
Yeah, and I’ll send you a text when I land a nollie half cab crook. I’ll be like, “I just landed it dude!”


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