Eric Fletcher interview

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eric fletcher rob brink

Eric Fletcher
Words: Rob Brink
February 2008

This was supposed to be for but then etnies and Fletcher broke up. Also found some old sequences and threw 'em in here. Enjoy.

Fletcher! How you doin’, man?
Watchin’ Cops. What are you doing?

I’m just sitting in the office hoping you were gonna call back.
[Laughs] Yeah. I’m not calling you back.

So can you talk a half hour?
It’s gonna take a half an hour? Damn… do I hafta do it tonight?

Yes. I’d hate to interrupt your Cops.
[Laughs) It’s cool.

When you’re not skating in Cedar Rapids, Iowa what do people do for fun?
Shit… party. Go to movies.

Are there cities there or is it a lot of farms and shit?
There’s not a lot of farms. It’s not really how you picture it. There’s cities and shit… just a bunch of little towns. And there’s farms in some places but that’s not unless you go out far in the country.

Are people weird? Like, hillbillies? Or are they pretty cool?
Nah. You meet a lot of cool people out there but some of are just like, pretty stoops.

What do you like best about being in Cali?
The weather, hot chicks, food, Jamba Juice.

When you’re out here, what do you miss most about home?
Probably friends and family and shit.

Do you keep in touch with a lot of friends out there?
Yeah. Talk to them about once a week, usually.

2007. KF 50-50 to fakie 50-50 to 180. Total innovation.

Is there anything about Cali you don’t like?
Rich white people. There’s not really too much to hate. I mean, cops. Probably the cops.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?
[Laughs] Uh. I don’t remember. Probably tried to quit smoking or something stupid. I don’t know. I don’t really think I did. I never really make any.

It kinda seems like you don’t give a shit when you’re skating. You look like you’re not even trying. I don’t know what kind of question that even is, but like… you just always look like you don’t give a shit…
I don’t, really [laughs].

Do you think skaters talk too much shit on one another?
Oh yeah. For sure. It’s funny. I don’t wanna make any examples, but… Toy Machine dudes! Haha. We talk shit a lot.

It seems like, no matter where you are, you end up in a situation where everyone’s talking shit…
Yeah I just laugh at that shit…

So how did the thing with Flip end? You were on there for like two or three years?
Yeah. I don’t know. I guess they were saying I didn’t have enough footage… or good enough footage. I don’t really know.

They thought you weren’t working hard enough?
I’m a slacker.

So you know you’re a slacker? You know you’re lazy?

Does it feel weird going a long time without a board sponsor like this? Are you ever nervous?
It’s pretty tight actually. You get to ride a bunch of tight boards… different ones.

So, who are you livin’ with now? John?
Bradford, yeah, for right now. I’m gonna try to get a place or something.

eric fletcher rob brink
More innovation! KF BS nosegrind to backside 180 up top! I hope you realize this is a joke, by the way.

Do you have and funny stories from living with Johnny Layton?
Shit, which one can I use? So many… I don’t really know like what I can put…

Is he a chill dude to live with or is he hyper?
He’s not hyper; he’s just crazy. He’s cool though. I don’t know. I don’t have any stories really… I mean, I do, but…

Okay forget it. What was the last book you read?
Oh. Man… Fuck knows. I don’t know. I have no idea. I can honestly say I have no idea.

What’s your favorite TV show?
South Park, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Family Guy.

What’s your favorite place to eat?
I don’t know.

Is that a hard question?
Yeah, mental block. I don’t know… Chuck E. Cheese? Is that allowed?

Really? How do you feel about green tea and cheese and fruit platters?
I could be down with that [laughs]. Cheese. Random question…

No because that one day we were skating and I showed up with the cheese platter and some nuts. And you guys all made fun of me. So I was just wondering… thought you’d call me gay or something.
You're gay. [Laughs].

Favorite skaters?
Mariano, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll.

If you could skate like anyone else for a day, who would it be?
Probably Daewon. Daewon would be tight.

Daewon on mini ramp or Daewon tech?
Mannys… Fakie manuals.

rob brink eric fletcher
KF BS nosegrind to eat shit.

What’s a trick like that you fuckin’ suck at?
Varial heels.

Regular varial heels? I could get you on that in S.K.A.T.E. That’s like my old reliable.
I can’t get those, man. Suck at it. Looks sketch.

What goes through your head when you’re dropping in for your Tampa Am run?
Fuck this shit, I’m out after this. [Laughs]. Nah, I don’t know.

Nah, that’s the best answer ever.
Probably “Damn it!” Probably “Fuck!” Actually, just “DAMN IT!”

You know you got 59th place, right?

That was only on your day though. So I guess when you combine the two days and all the skaters it makes it lower. Do you know what you’re actual place is?
In the hundreds probably.

I think that kid Jimmy Marchand, on the crutches, got higher than you.
Good. He deserves it.

I actually have an interview with him I’m gonna put on the site.
He’s tight. That dude is tight. I was looking for weed down there and he was looking too. He was having withdrawals.

He’s definitely sick.
Where’s he from?

Rhode Island. That was his first contest.
That’s crazy. He’s super tight.

Tell us about your beanies. Do you collect beanies? You have lots of beanies…
Um, I try to. I don’t now, but, one day, hopefully I’ll have an entire rack full of limited edition beanies.

Are you a fan of the pom pon ones? Are those better than the regular ones?
Yeah. Oh yeah. Gotta have a ball. Gotta have one of these guys. [Shows off his new Snoopy pom pon beanie]

I’m so down with Snoopy. Is the Snoopy one your newest one?

eric fletcher rob brink snoopy
Down with Snoopy.

What’s your favorite beanie?
The Steve Zissou one.

Oh from Life Aquatic?
Yeah, the red one.

How come you barely wear them on your head? How do they even stay on?
Because that’s how it is. That’s how it just goes. I don’t know.

Have you ever had any really weird, lame sponsors?
Well, Ollie Pop gum… nah. [Laughs].

Are your parents cool with you being out here and not being in school and shit?
As long as I’m doing something you know, they support me.

What’s the best place you ever went on tour?
Probably Spain.

What do you hate most about skateboarding? Besides this interview?
You meet a lot of stupid people, but definitely the rumors. I’ve had somebody think I was like Danny Cerezini at a Flip thing

Really? Have you ever been mistaken for any other skaters or just Danny?

Really? Awwwww.
It sucked. Hell yeah. In France.

Was it girls?
Some French dudes. And they were following me.

Were they all psyched?
I was doing this signing and I didn’t really wanna do it, so I kinda skated away. This crowd of people was following me. I was like, “What the fuck are these people doing?” They come up to me and were like, “Are you Ryan Sheckler?” I was like, “No.” They got my autograph anyways and just left.

Were they bummed you weren’t him? They got your autograph anyway?
It was weird. Yeah, all bummed. They were like, “Is he coming?” I’m like, “I don’t fuckin’ know.”

eric fletcher rob brink
Nollie nosegrind. Backside. And long.

Anything else you wanna say? Once your mouth’s not full of food?
Is that it?

Yeah that’s it, man. Not too bad, huh?
Didn’t even take a half an hour. You were like “It’s gonna take a half an hour.”

I thought it would. It was 17 minutes. You got lucky.