New Jack: Marquis Preston

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New Jack: Marquis Preston
Words: Rob Brink
The Skateboard Mag, October 2009.

Marquis Preston is a very talked about subject amongst his fellow Emerica team riders. No one seems to know much about him, yet they’re constantly trying to put the pieces together. He carries a general obliviousness vibe, sees the world in a different way and is certainly misunderstood. However, he also possesses many savant-type qualities, like playing the piano, taking photographs and skateboarding—which he is a complete natural at.

Check his legs on the bigspin clip on the Emerica Stay Gold site. That trick alone and you’ll be sold. Seriously.

On a skateboard or off… hearing his interpretation of the world as it buzzes around him (over a slice of pizza and root beer like we did for this interview)… Marquis is just plain amazing.

People tell me you talk to yourself a lot. Have you noticed that?
Not at all.

You always walk in front of the camera while people are filming, huh?
Really? I hadn’t noticed.

I’ve actually seen footage of you doing it.
No way! [Laughs].

marquis preston rob brink tsm

So you admire Oprah Winfrey?
Oprah’s awesome! She gives away so much free shit. Dude, one day she fuckin’ she gave everyone in the audience a fuckin’ Toyota. Like a modern car. I was just like, “Wow! That’s so sick!” She’s ballin’. I’m sure if I asked her for some money she’d be like, “Alright, no problem.”

Where does all your money go?
I’m paying someone else’s debts. My fuckin’ brother stole my car and got into a hit and run accident. I hid the keys in my clothes in my drawers but somehow he got ‘em and took off with it while I was in France a while back.

He also got a speeding ticket that month. He used all my information out of the glove compartment and the cop believed it. No picture ID or nothing. Just wrote up the ticket. So I got a “failure to appear” and $800 in fines.

That’s identity theft!
Yeah. I had no idea it was my brother all along. I found out about both of these situations four months after they happened.

marquis preston rob brink tsm

Are you and your brother tight?
It’s whatever. We haven’t been together in a long time ‘cause I came home and the house was up for auction. My mom went to jail while I was gone. So I come home and everybody’s all separated.

Wait, what? Your mom went to jail?
Yeah. Got out like two years ago.

With all that stuff going on, are you trying to distance yourself from your family or are you guys cool?
Nah. Our family is tight. If I had the money I’d go see them.

How about getting lost before Blingfest a few years ago and then coming back and winning Best Trick?
I don’t know what happened. I was just spaced out listening to music or something. I just missed the exit and ended up in San Clemente. It happens.

That’s pretty far, though. Like an hour away? At least you won.
Yeah, I was psyched. Paid my car off with that money

You were once ranked high in Call of Duty?
I was top 200 in the world actually. I think 98th.

marquis preston rob brink tsm

I just learned of a recent intervention between your friends, your X Box and you…
That was this guy. [Points to his friend Max.] I bought the game when it first came out. It was my first online gaming experience and I was hooked. I played it for like, two years straight.

One game? And it affected your skating and your life that much?
Max: It was seriously like an eight-hour workday for him.

I wouldn’t even eat or go outside. I would just wake up and play for hours. Fuck Call of Duty. It ruined my life.

Max: So finally one night we’re all drinking and I was like, “Yo, Marquis, you need to stop playing that shit. You need to start skating more. I haven’t seen you skate in weeks.” And he just broke down. He grabbed the X Box and was like, “I’m gonna sell this shit.” And I’m like, “You can still play it… just go skate more. And he’s like, “Nah, fuck that!” Slams it down on the floor and just starts stomping on it. Then hid it in his roommate’s closet.

Did it feel good, Marquis?
It felt great.

marquis preston rob brink tsm

So are you gonna have a full part in Stay Gold?
I hope so. Still filming. Depends on how much footage I have.

Are you nervous?
Kinda anxious. My first part is gonna be in an Emerica video, ya know? I really want Brandon Westgate’s part to come out. Collin, Leo, Andrew, Bryan… everybody. Fuck, it’s gonna be a good video.

I heard you recently got taken away from a bar in an ambulance…
Yeah. I went to a G.O.A.T. show in Arizona. This local guy was talking down on me ‘cause I was a black skateboarder. He was bumming me out. Called me a sellout. And then I said to him, “I’ll buy you out.”

That’s a pretty good comeback, except that you have no money.
Yeah, I was stoked on that. Then I walked away from him and he taps me on the shoulder and as soon as I turn around he just uppercuts me. Straight up lifted me off the ground. I blacked out and woke up on the floor, like, “What the fuck just happened?”

So the ambulance gets there and they’re like “Do you know what day it is?” And I was just like, “I dunno.”

He was like, “Do you know where you are?” And I was like, “I’m in Arizona but I don’t know exactly where I’m at.”

I was okay; it was just a fat lip. So they were like “You didn’t answer all the questions fluently so you’re gonna have to jump in the ambulance for some type of fucking diagnostics. We gotta take you to the hospital, do some screening on your head.” I was like, “Okay, fuck it.”

Jeff [Emerica TM] said when he asked you why you let the ambulance take you, you said, “I guess I answered the questions wrong.”
That’s exactly what happened. I answered them wrong.

marquis preston rob brink tsm

That’s hilarious. So how about the next day when you jack shacked in the Emerica tour van?
Oh man. So everybody had this funny idea to get porno mags from the liquor store. I got myself a mag and seen this hot-ass woman in it. She was seriously stuck in my head for hours. Like, I couldn’t even skate around without thinking about doing her or just being with her. So I decided to go rub one off in the van while everybody was skating. And it did the trick.

Jeff said you soiled one of Braydon’s mags?
Braydon had his own mag and I had mine. He seen my mag and he was like, “Oh, who got this one?” I was like “Oh shit.” I didn’t say it out loud but I already knew it was mine. I knew I fucking jacked off in it. I busted on her. I just wanted to wait for him to see for himself. So he was just looking through it and was like “What the fuck? No!” I was like, “Hell yeah.” I wasn’t all that embarrassed, which kinda surprised me actually.

Do what you’ve gotta do, man.
I was like, “Yeah, whatever. I masturbate.”


  1. so goods

  2. such a good interview,you always keep me smiling rob, :)

    Cory Martinez
  3. Yeah, whatever. I masturbate

    uh huh
  4. hahaha omg this guys soo funny
    good interview

  5. hahaha, that marquis!

  6. I was all stressed earlier but then I read this interview and suddenly I'm feeling great again

    Sam from AZ
  7. I grew up with marquis on acorde street. I remember when pharmacy was like will sponsor you but you got to hit some hand rails and marquise was on it like flies on crap he was always someone I looked up to even though he was younger. Miss ya marquise hope your doing great!

    Cameron prime

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