The best things I saw at ASR...

January 25, 2009 | Skip To The Comments (7)

... Were all during the Grind for Life Jump Ramp Jam. That's right: tits, a wheelchair backflip, an axe murderer by Kris Markovich and the most cutting edge photojournalism ever witnessed by man (ie: using a MacBook Air/PhotoBooth** program to shoot photos of skateboarding.)

**Please note that this takes extreme skill, precision and timing, as PhotoBooth has a three-second delay from when you push the trackpad button and the built in iSight camera above the LCD actually takes the photo. But this three-second window allows this fledgling photographer just enough time to spin the laptop around in his hands, aim it blindly at the skater who is about 30 feet away and then steady things up before the shot fires. For all you PC users, also know that there is no zoom or focus and the "flash" is nothing more than the MacBook LCD going all white for a brief second in time.

And for the record, seeing Aaron "Wheels" Fotheringham attempt the backflip was better than the tits, or any of the aforementioned, for that matter.


  1. agreed!

    stephanie guerrero
  2. Post no bails.....

    chad osburn
  3. That trick is called an "axe murderer."

    troy chasen
  4. I stand corrected. I was just following Renee Renee's emceeing...

  5. Thanks Rob for supporting the Grind for Life. we had a great weekend helping people with cancer.

    Mike Rogers
  6. God I miss the trade show.

  7. God I miss the trade show.


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