Weekend update: Sheckler! Loy! Darrell!

October 27, 2008 | Skip To The Comments (0)

ryan sheckler rob brink
Ryan tagged the éS van up... after doing one of the gnarlier things I've ever seen done on a skateboard.

Let's see. Was out with Ryan Sheckler filming some etnies shit. Darrell Stanton rolled by too and they both got pretty raw. Totally ripping RobBrink.com team rider, David Loy, won Damn Am... and judging from DJ Wade's hour-long suite of songs and sound bytes about cocaine during the best trick contest and awards ceremony, it's safe to assume drugs are still really cool. I sincerely enjoy when my weekends are full of this much skateboarding. I don't enjoy knowing I have 9 am meetings at the office while I'm still up at 1 am doing this.

darrell stanton slam rob brink
Ouch. Darrell tried some gnarly shit too, but got robbed more than a few times.

darrell stanton rob brink

ryan sheckler slam rob brink
Sheck slams hard because he commits to shit... 100%

david loy damn am rob brink
David Loy won Damn Am and shouts out this site in his sponsor list at every contest. Thanks David, for real.

damn am band rob brink
The band was pretty sick...

damn am bass player
The bass player was my favorite dude, though.

brian schaefer damn am kobe rob brink
Kobe Schaefer.