GvR bangers!

October 6, 2008 | Skip To The Comments (2)

caswell berry gvr rob brink

Many were hailing this doubleset nosegrind pop out by Mr. Caswell Berry one of the gnarliest tricks of the day... I tend to agree.

figgy gvr kickflip 50 rob brink

Figgy's first try kickflip 5-0 wasn't half bad either... Figgy was responsible for the sickest heat of the day being the sickest heat of the day.

andrew langi ,adonna gvr rob brink

Andrew Langi can stretch a Madonna to tail like no one you've ever seen. He also helped me come up $50 by winning the sudden death game of SKATE.

chris cole 180 ss feebs gvr rob brink

Cole can twist his body pretty good... if you ever get the chance, ask Jereme Rogers how he felt about Cole's tricks in the sudden death game of SKATE.


  1. hah jereme rogers just pissed off cause he didnt get the money which he doesnt even deserve cause cole is 100x better. id like to know what everyone else thinks of jeremes `rap` career

  2. his 'rap' career? I try not to even think about him at all...

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