Leo Romero doesn't miss tricks much...

August 14, 2008 | Skip To The Comments (6)

Leo Romero rapid fired all these tricks (amongst others I didn't shoot) in a row when his double set heat started at X Games. He's making everyone else look pretty damn boring lately.

leo romero x games backtail rob brink

leo romero x games krooksl rob brink

leo romero x games 5-0 rob brink

leo romero x games frontblunt rob brink


  1. how come he didnt make it to the finals? "leo gets down"

    Laura Fa Sho!
  2. fucking Leo, he is a Mexican Skate Machine !!
    arriba los AZTECAS !!!

    aldo hits from the bong
  3. mad props to all of the tricks above, lol, i think the standards of the x games are based around sheckler, i dont like that. too bad its all for money and thats all some pros care about, or atleast they seem to care about

  4. Leo is a beast! haha
    Yeah I think he should've made it to the finals.
    I liked his noseblunt UP the carlsbad gap.

    Jerry W
  5. im with mikeskatesnj's coment above. x games can suck it. shecker has a small dick

  6. leo is primo beast, i skate his emerica shoe..
    but check out the last pic he's wearing man thongs


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