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May 21, 2008 | Skip To The Comments (3)

Johnny Romano is one of my favorite pros. He's dealing with some rough shit... so you should leave him a message. While you're at it, my little sis is doing a cancer benefit thingy in remembrance of my pops... I have no idea who might want to donate, and according to some "trend forecasting consulting" I was forced to sit through at work a few weeks ago, "good deeds and being nice are making a comeback." Either way, cancer sucks and every little bit helps people like Johnny.

Speaking of Real... did you see the new Busenitz clip? Jesus...


  1. stay strong lil johnny, like you've been through all these years. best of wishes from Bolivia. Hope you're back on a board soon and rippin as hard as always!

  2. go johnny go!

  3. people worry about the lamest shit...look what johnny had to go through. Life is so unfair!!!!

    michael hamrock

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