Hawaii: Part II

December 28, 2007 | Skip To The Comments (2)

In case anyone cares...

Hawaiian cock.

Part of the Ima Robot entourage, this is pretty much how chicks should dress... often.

As you already saw, Don & CJ went for it.

etnies surf crew. Not a Dasani commercial, I swear.

If this shirt wasn't for toddlers, I would wear it.

A half a second after this lame self portrait was snapped, Dustin (confidently walking in the background toward the balcony) belted out what soon became the most epic quote of the week: "I wonder what the bro level in the jacuzzi is right now."

The wireless internet at the Honolulu airport.

Ford was pretty much over the photo shoot and broke the fuck out...

Homemade graphics dude...

Elissa and Lindsey being girly.

Brett Simpson... sober. Drunk video to come...

Jamie O'Brien sat on the phone for most of the photo shoot. He wasn't feelin' it. Life is rough sometimes... you know, living in Hawaii on the beach, being paid millions to surf, having to shoot photos for an hour...

More Jamie. Phoneless this time.

Dave Boehne is my new favorite surf TM and golfing partner.

I took Elissa and Lindsey to dinner on etnies' dime, so they went all out and even got dessert. I'll probably get busted when I submit my expense reports.

More yard junk art.

This is the chick from Blue Crush. She lives next to Jamie O'Brien.

Me and Dustin took a love walk out to the reef in the rain. Then he got sand in his shoes and had to rinse his feet off and I didn't even help him hold his camera.

Then he drank a half yard of Guinness in about five minutes!

Then he relaxed by the pool!

Insert Enya music here...

Is a smaller Blackberry/wallet combo more desirable than a large one?

Guns 'N Bombs.

Yes, this is me freaking out over tea and custom painted honey bear bottles.