Consolidated vs. Nike: The Battle Continues...

August 30, 2006 | Skip To The Comments (23)

Nike doesn't advertise here, nor does anyone else, so I can post stuff like this without my "ad revenue" being threatened. You'd be surprised who won't print certain ads or post "blogs" based on advertiser agendas these days, or some of the Don't Do It ads that mags have rejected and why. This one happens to be running in Thrasher, so props to them. I've seen letters from certain skateboarding magazines, to Consolidated, rejecting some of their ads and its pretty frightening. At least Consolidated has some balls still.

Remember the days when ads were honest and entertaining? Yeah, so do I. The only brands I see doin' ads worth mentioning in the last five or 10 years are enjoi, Consolidated and Baker. I guess all you "sneakerheads" can start hunting for these now. Word is they are flyin' off the shelves over at Consolidated. I wonder when the rest of the skateboard industry, who sit around cryin' the blues about large sporting goods companies "infiltrating," are gonna do something about it?


  1. is he throwing up chocolate milk? hmmmmm?

  2. Brink, if those are real..I want a pair. Skateboarding needs some "punk" in it. I feel like kids today are brain washed by the big guys. Stoked Thrasher ran that. When they did that Blazer I lost respect for them. They should of done a Vans or Emerica shoe. Nothing against Nike but I think skate mags should support skate brands

    Brink Fan
  3. What did the consolidated overlords have the balls to do, again? The balls to kick off their whole team because they finally got sponsors that paid them more than $70 a month? The balls to fire their art director who ran the company for 6 years? The balls to actually comission a chinese sweatshop to make a run of retarded sneakers to make some weird public jab at the art director they fucked over? Consolidated makes all its money selling "who farted" and "rental" decks to non-skating barneys who buy their gear at Zumiez.

    Aside from the obvious, one big difference between nike and consolidated is that nike SB has employees who skate, and consolidated does not...

  4. what about anti-hero ads? birdo can pay for ads but not pay riders ? they got to eat too. half the nor cal guys wear vans anyways (owned by lee jeans) never seen birdo up here in the n.w. which is good cause all the guys riding for him where broke while he was making money off the boards that said RENTAL now that is a big don't do it

  5. The balls to run ads that call people out. Ads that magazines don't have the balls to run. The balls to at least try to stand up to Nike and speak out against it while other brands just sit in meetings all day wondering how to compete with Nike and fear the loss of revenue to them. That's all this post is about. Everyone's in this for the money to some extent. We aren't blind to that. Lame shit goes on behind the scenes at every brand. We all know that too. Good call on the Anti Hero ads, Andrew. Lame of me to overlook that one! I suck too. Everyone sucks. Me, Nike, Consolidated...everyone!

  6. administrator,

    the thing about this ad that you might not understand is that with these ads birdo isn't calling out Nike he's basically dissing his old art dude! A dude who supported him for 6 years while he and leticia fucked around and got totally out of touch with skateboarding.

    the story is the consolidated art dude designed a colorway for dunks that were the same color as the consolidated cube. they were also the same color as the san jose sharks so every barney in san jose went wild for those shoes. anyway birdo got pissed because a bunch random anonymous weirdos on the internet were emailing him about his old, stupid "dont do it" campaign and dissing him because there are now nikes that are blue and black.

    so he basically fired his right-hand man because he couldn't stand all the criticism he was getting from random anonymous internet lurkers! then to "retaliate" (against who?? his bro who he fired??) he actually comissioned a line of sneakers. yes, he spent $15,000 on having a batch of consolidated "drunks" made.

    now if that's not the most bizarre and expensive way to try to diss your old homie I don't know what is.

    its just lame cuz people wanted to believe birdos core-skating-DIY shit, but the thing is birdo hasn't skated in like 20 years so he's as out of touch with what's going on as nike, if not more. the consolidated dudes were always broke and it could have been so much radder if the owners actually cared more about skating than they did about lame pseudo-political shit like whether or not nike makes skate shoes or not.

  7. I'm quite aware of the whole story. I have friends at Nike, friends at Consolidated, friends all over the industry. When I see something worthy of posting, something that moves me or makes me laugh or makes me go "Hey, at least someone is stirring the pot up a bit," then I acknowledge it.

    I am a fan of Todd's art. What do you think drew me to Consolidted in the first place? I am digging the True Love Collective. Actually, Todd and I both work for The Skateboard Mag. I never met him but I would love to one day. I am not attacking him at all.

    I respect Consolidated's battle against Nike, I used to own Nike SBs, Gino Ianucci is my favorite skateboarder. Ever. Period. Rides for Nike, right? The bottom line is, this is skateboarding. In the end, none of it matters. The same way you are on here, calling me out or whatever, I do the same when I see something I like or don't like. Its all good. I am sure you and I would get along just fine, differences or not. In fact, if Nike or Todd sent me something, in the same fashion as Consolidated has offered me information the way they have, I would post it too. Fair and square.

    The truth is, we are all hypocrites in one form or another. Maybe Birdo is, maybe Nike is, whatever. On top of using this site as a portfolio for my work, it is also a place for me to put up information that intrigues me, and I also have the opportunity to put up stuff that other sites won't dare too, or don't have access to and can provide visitors with something they may not see anywhere else, ever. Would you rather never see this ad? What if it didn't run in Thrasher? Would you rather not have the right to see it? Or would you rather I put it up and create a forum for people to discuss it with? Are you glad you saw it early before a lot of people? Kinda cool I

    What you are leaving out of this that Nike isn't playing fair either. To do a shoe with Todd, in the same colors as Consolidated, that just so happen to be the color of the San Jose Sharks? And Consolidated happens to be the brand that challenged Nike's involvement all those years? C'mon dude...we aren't blind here...this was Nike's golden opportunity to take a stab. To go "Hey check us out, even the brand that hates us, their riders get flow from us and their art guy is doing a shoe with us! We got cred! We did it!"

    You think they didn't know the "Consolidiated Dunk" would be labeled as so? Perhaps they even started that name...That's a huge "fuck you" to Consolidated and Consolidated is reacting or whatever.

    I hear you man. I know the story. Anything I feel is worth posting will go up on this site. Check all my Gino shit. I just did a piece on Grant Taylor for Skateboard Mag. I have a lot of respect for Anderson for reasons I won't get into, I think Nike happens to have a really good skateboard program and team. They made it...succeeded. Good for them. But I did also feel the "Consolidated Dunk" is somewhere that maybe they didn't need to go. And perhaps, knowing the long time battle between the brands, maybe it was weird for Todd, if he believed in the Conslidated "Don't Do It" cause, shouldn't have done a shoe with Nike? I dunno. Its his life not mine. It might have opened new doors for him. Maybe he wanted out of Consolidated. Maybe there were other problems too priot to the shoe. He seems to be doing just fine right now that he's moved on, so good for him! I'm sure I'm guilty of shit that everyone wouldn't be down for too. Gotta live my life and strive for more and happiness. If I end up the center of some drama like this one day (well, I have been in some drama actually, like Tosh calling me out in his Thrasher interview) Its good that people have a forum to discuss it. I ain't hating on anyone really. But I will stick up for my friends, even if they are being attacked by my other friends.

    Most importantly. Friends. Like I said, I have friends at Nike and Consolidated. No matter what is on their feet or who they work for, they will always be my friends. When we are having a beer or partying in the same bar, we don't talk about this gay shit. We are just friends. Hopefully, when all this is long gone and we are all too old to skate or whatever, they will still be my friends. I'm just presenting what's given to me. If Nike or anyone wants to hit me up, they can for sure. Thanks for taking the time to read and write.


  8. Man, you nailed that one right on the head! I didnt know I was that lame!

  9. I was crying when I read your post Brink. It was touching and so emo.

    Brink Fan
  10. Anybody can make shit up! Especially when you hide and don't say who you are. For example- "Yeah, Zumiez did work for Consolidated, he's just mad cuz we showed up at the warehouse late one night and caught him locked in a 69 with some dude! He scrambled out of there and we never saw him again." I will tell anybody what they want to know. You can call or email me with your unanswered questions. 831-457-8206 We got nothing to hide.

  11. Pee-Wee Herman sponsored by Nike SB now...

    Don't forget to visit Jeanie for your one wish a day...meccaleccahighmeccahineyho...bitches

    Madam Trixie
  12. You skateboarders make me laugh...the industry reminds me of the War on Terrorism...fuck it and just skate...

    Madam Trixie
  13. Get over it. If your not feeling it quit wasting effort. Spreading your anti corp. is lame. IPOD, apple, target, mcdonalds. etc. Just stay at home and rot on a message board if you care so much.

  14. all of this nothing to do with you or i going out and riding a skateboard. the only reason i don't still ride for both companies is because one gave me an ultimatum and the other one didn't. i'd still skate if consolidated or nike had nothing to do with skateboarding.

  15. If Birdo hasn't skated in 20 years, then who the hell is this grinding a vert ramp while Alan Petersen airs over him? And I don't think he was 19 at this time.

    And Todd wasn't fired. He quit.

    jonny haywire

    ok i guess you can't include an image in the post, but if you copy and paste this link then you can see the picture.

    jonny haywire
  17. That dude doing the grind is Todd Colingiere, who rode for Liberty, not Consolidated. So how would he be fired or quit if he never rode for the cube in the first place?

    Skate Scholar, PhD
  18. You really are a skate scholar! Trippy

  19. Bape Rock ha ha

  20. I don't know why all you fags are spending time fighting over what to skate with and what not to skate with. Just let the kids skate what they wanna skate. Why can't we all just get along? we're all skating right? why does it matter what kicks were kickin? i guess if that matters the DGK is gonna protest zero. no there not because they care about skateboarding. like i do. as long as were skating for the fun of it, not to get free shit or get laid or cash or whatever idc. this is why i skate fallen and zero they represent true skateboarding at its best and do it just skate for the fun of it. whatever i'm out.

    Skate For Lyf

    Rise with tha Fallen
  21. Drunks are Sick!

    Drunks Rule
  22. skate politics are the worst, unless youre in the industry, then i can understand cause its your livelyhood but here on ground level i dont give a fuck

    ive bought enough overpriced product from almost every company during my early years, these days ill skate dunks and shop boards guilt free

  23. Mind your own everybody! Just skate its fun!

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