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January 13, 2006 | Skip To The Comments (5)


"Beet saved my life."
-Sean Rooney

Beetlejuice's manager, 36-year-old Sean Rooney, suffered a severe stroke on Sunday. Beetle was the one who actually found Sean after he suffered the stroke. Currently Sean's heart is only operating at 15% and is too weak to endure any more operations. The doctors give Sean a 50% chance of making it through this stroke and a 0% chance if another one should occur. The hospital bills are rising at a tremendous rate and unfortunately Sean is left with no insurance. Sean has a wife and son to take care of, not to mention Beetlejuice with his special needs. If you would like to donate, please do so here. You can email Sean at


Howard announced during yesterday's show that Beetlejuice's manager, Sean, was in the hospital after suffering a stroke over the weekend and that he had Sean's wife, Michelle, on the line. Michelle reported that Sean had been sleeping a great deal before the stroke, but that he insisted he was fine. However, Michelle said that Sean collapsed Sunday morning and lost the feeling in the left side of his body. Michelle then told Howard that Beet was the one who found Sean, and that he had the wherewithal to put a pillow under his head and get her for help.

Michelle said that Sean has suffered two silent heart attacks since his stroke, which were caused by a viral infection he's aparrently had for many years. Michelle said that she received 382 emails from Howard's listeners yesterday alone and that the gesture meant a great deal to both her and Sean. Michelle added that Sean is conscious and able to communicate.

Beet then got on the phone and informed Howard that Sean is doing fine. When Howard pointed out how proud he was of Beetle for saving Sean, Beet replied, “I love him and I'm taking care of him and I'll make sure he's okay.” Beet went on to claim that he's the one who's really married to Michelle and that he plans on using Sean's absence from their house as a chance to put the moves on her. Beet also told Howard that he operated on Sean after his heart attacks. When Howard found out that Beet actually knew to call 911 when he discovered Sean on the floor, he noted that the whole situation reminded him of when Lassie would bark to let people know Timmy was in peril. Beetlejuice ended his call saying that he loves everyone on the show.


  1. I hope Sean pulls through. Godspeed.

  2. Sorry to say but Sean died on the 10th of July this year.

  3. RIP uncle sean i lovee and miss you.!

  4. He was a wonderful person and I admire what he did for beet and how he took care of him.
    RIP Sean

  5. I knew Sean had passed away but I never knew the details. Said story. Best to his family.

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